Reasons for the popularity of Microsoft Azure

If you wish to store data or create some applications using a computer, you will need the necessary hardware and software systems on-premise. Let us assume that you have to deal with thousands of such equipment and software at once to run your business. If you decide to buy everything and set up your company, you should be the richest man on earth to do so. Instead, you can use cloud services like Azure to do all the necessary operations with the help of the internet and without these additional devices or technologies. You will operate completely online and store data in the central data hubs of the Azure provider. These data hubs are nothing but data centers. If you do not have the resources to involve in Azure operations, you can hire an Azure managed services provider to outsource all the cloud activities. Although there are several other cloud platforms in the market, most companies prefer Microsoft Azure for their operations. It is because of the highlight features of the platform and its offerings. In this article, we are about to go through such highlighting capabilities of Azure leading to its wide popularity.

Why Azure is widely popular?

IaaS and PaaS

Azure offers the combined benefits of IaaS and PaaS at once. IaaS is nothing but Infrastructure as a service and PaaS stands for Platform as a service. The former will help you migrate your infrastructure online and use the computer systems necessary for your operations without having them physically. The latter will help you develop software applications online. Since you can get combined benefits of them with a flexible payment facility, Azure is being helpful.

High security

All your business information and data will be highly secured in Azure and you can retrieve everything from its data centers whenever you need regardless of any disasters. Also, the provision of about 50 compliance offerings makes it a trusted platform.


You can scale your cloud operations and applications to any extent at ease. You need not go through any complex formalities to do this.

Microsoft Integration

As the platform is developed and maintained by Microsoft, you will see the integration of various Microsoft products for in-house operations. Some of these products include Office, Outlook, and SharePoint.

Supporting languages

Azure supports the use of a range of programming languages like C++, ASP .NET, and many more that you can learn easily.

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