Working with a car accident attorney in Colorado: Things to know!

You were injured in a car accident and have suffered serious losses. Sadly, car accidents are reported every now and then in Colorado, and many of these accidents have fatalities and grave consequences. If the accident happened because of someone’s fault, you may have the scope to get compensated for your losses, including medical bills and lost income. Working with an experienced and known Colorado Springs car accident attorney is highly important, so that you don’t lose your rights and due settlement. In this post, we are sharing the facts worth knowing about working with a lawyer. 

Act immediately

The statute of limitations in Colorado allows victims to file personal injury lawsuits within a period of three years, from the date of accident. The same deadline applies to vehicle damage claims. For wrongful death lawsuits, the deadline is limited to three years. It is important that you act as quickly as possible and engage an experienced accident attorney for your case. 

Be honest

Make sure that you tell your lawyer about the incident in the most honest way possible. If you had a part in causing the accident, let the attorney know that too. Colorado follows the comparative negligence rule, which means that you can recover some compensation, if your share of blame in causing the accident was less than 50%. However, your compensation will decrease depending on the share of blame.  Your car accident lawyer needs to know the facts, so that they can work on the claim accordingly. 

Ask questions

When you meet a car accident attorney for the first time, you have to ask relevant questions, such as – 

  1. How long have you been working as a personal injury lawyer?
  2. What percentage of your practice is dedicated to auto and truck accidents?
  3. Can you share a few references?
  4. How much can be expected in compensation?
  5. What are the merits and demerits of the case?

Ensure that your attorney has the time to handle your car accident claim. They should know what it takes to negotiate with insurance companies, and if needed, they must have the expertise to take things to trial. 

Hiring a lawyer

Most car accident lawyers take up cases on a contingency, so you don’t need to pay the lawyer upfront. They only get paid, usually a part of the compensation, if they win a settlement. Do ask about the cost of filing a personal injury lawsuit in advance. 

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