The Differences Between Tuho Ri vs Craps in Korea

What is Tuho-Ri? Tuho-Ri is a game of chance that has been played in Korea for centuries. It’s similar to the American dice game, Craps. However, there are some key differences between the two games that you need to know before playing them at 안전놀이터.

Below we will discuss 5 points on how Tuho-Ri is different from Craps:

  1. To play Tuho-Ri, players must have one die and four sticks placed on the ground side by side with each other, so they form an L shape with a gap in it. Players then take turns rolling their die; if they roll 1 or 2, they subtract one stick from the pile on their turn, while if they roll 3 or 4, they add one stick onto it instead. The player who has the most sticks when all four are gone wins.
  1. To play Craps, the player who rolls first sets their bet by placing chips or other markers on one of these betting spots according to the numbers they want to roll.
  1. The most common way people win at Tuho-Ri is to get 20 points before having more than anyone else’s pile taken away from them, while at Craps, people win by getting the number they are betting on.
  1. In Tuho-Ri, if you roll doubles (like a “two” and then an “eight”), there are three ways to resolve it. The first is called ‘Seljuk, which means the player gets their number of sticks doubled. Another way is called ‘anin.’ Finally, another option for resolving doubles is going back and rolling your stick or two more times until something different happens.
  1. In Craps, any double would be resolved by shooting them off with all bets being lost from that round unless it was made before doubling down.

Erin Imogen

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