Dramatic Colors That Won’t Make Your Room Look Drab

The popular room color palettes may be predominantly white, but that only makes creating a dark, moody room more exciting. It’s a fresh break from the brilliance of lighter colors, perfect for relaxing after completing a set of tasks and errands.

But painting a room dark can be a little tricky, as you may end up with gloomy atmosphere instead of a chic, dramatic one. Hence, let’s round up all the amazing colors that won’t take the life away from your retreat, along with some design and decorating tips to amplify the beauty of that space.

  1. Shades of Blue

Blue symbolizes tranquility, making it an ideal color for bedrooms, but it can also be pulled off incredibly in a home office. Paint the walls navy blue, and let the space evoke nautical vibes. The dramatic color also looks highly chic, studios, and sophisticated, making you feel even more like a boss.

You can also play with navy blue or ocean blue in your living room. Pair it with a dark-colored velvet couch, which you can accentuate with a light-colored area rug. The results will be a stunning space exhibiting both coziness and formality.

Petrol blue is also a lovely shade. It gravitates closer to black, though, so note that it might make your room a lot darker. Furnish the room with eye-catching vintage finds to make it lively and a little mystical.

  1. Shades of Gray

If you want something really close to black, select a charcoal gray or any ashy gray tone. In a bedroom, it would look absolutely striking with a blush-toned decor, including a bed frame.

For a more masculine feel, furnish a charcoal gray room with equally dark furniture, adding the pops of color through decor pieces like wall art.

Charcoal gray also works elegantly in a well-lit kitchen tucked in brightly-colored space. Use the charcoal gray on the cabinetry to make them stand out and look sleeker.

Another perfect shade is a cool gray, which is basically just a cool-toned version of a charcoal gray. It’s also beautiful on kitchen cabinetry and in a room’s walls. Use furnishings and decor with contrasting colors to make the gray look more lively. Consider gilt mirrors, boldly-colored items, and metallic pieces.

  1. A Dramatic Wallpaper

You can add more visual interest and dimension to a moody room by opting for a high-quality designer wallpaper instead of paint. A dark-colored wallpaper rather than a dark-colored paint may be more ideal for moody rooms, as wallpapers have beautiful textures and a little bit of sheen in them, displaying more character. There are also printed designs, so you may create an accent floral, geometric, or abstract wall that makes a statement.

  1. Deep Chocolate Brown

For traditional or modern spaces, consider a deep chocolate brown to paint a moody room with, as it looks perfect partnered with espresso wood furniture and other traditional and modern style furnishings. Choose light-colored furniture to emphasize the warmth of the moody walls.

  1. Chalkboard

For more casual or industrial spaces, a chalkboard wall is one of the most fitting dark color options. It looks great in any space, especially in the kitchen, where you can write off the menu and make random doodles. If you have kids, they will absolutely adore the chalkboard, and you can finally allow them to draw on the walls!

With these amazing dramatic color options, your moody room idea will surely come to life as a lively, calming space, and not a depressing and drab one. Don’t hesitate to throw in more quirky and contrasting decor, as just like a stark white space, a moody room is also a perfect blank canvas for letting your

Erin Imogen

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